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It's Not Over...

BUT...We cannot win

without your VOTE.

This page is oriented primarily to Robert E. Lee High School.  Voting dates and times for other targeted schools can be found  HERE .  
 ALL STAKEHOLDERS** should CAST ONE OR MORE VOTES during the following voting sessions:
April 26th thru April 30thMay 3rd thru May 7th
Voting is in person, at the school,
between 10:00AM and 6:30PM
**STAKEHOLDER CATEGORIES: Robert E. Lee student or graduate; Current faculty or staff member of the school; Current resident of School District 6; Member of School’s PTSA; Member of School’s SAC. You may cast a separate vote
for EACH category you fall into.
An open letter to Robert E. Lee Alumni against changing            the school name... 
A MUST-READ!  Click on letter to enlarge.
To share, copy this link:
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