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Every little bit will help. is asking for donations to fund efforts to resist the name changes. We are up against a formidable foe: aggressive activist groups fueled by a national social justice campaign and a misguided and sympathetic media. They are banking on our passive acceptance as they seek to bring down one tradition, one legacy, one monument, one traditional institution at a time until our community and country will at last be unrecognizable.  If they succeed in renaming our local schools, they will be invalidating the mark those schools have made in this community. donated funds will be used to:
  • create high visibility as we fight: signage, handbills, letters to engage alumni and this town's (and state's!) decision-makers, and postage to keep our protests flowing.
  • secure effective legal counsel to help us navigate the confusing and less-than-friendly path to a full and fair hearing of our protest.
Without legal assistance and good visibility, this fight will be over not in months, but in only a matter of weeks. We need to "buy time" to build a louder voice of opposition.
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Make checks payable to:


and mail to:

301 W. Bay Street, Ste 1444 Jacksonville, FL 32202

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